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Here is a great overview of our incredible wedding dress collection.  We do also have a range of unique dresses we don’t advertise, perfect for the bride who wants to keep her dress a complete secret for her day and truly have the special dress that will wow!  All of our wedding dress are priced between £900 – £2500.  Our Torquay boutique have a lower price point and our Exeter boutique is mostly over £1500.  

Lace boho floaty wedding dress plus size

Our Collection

We really do take pride in handpicking our dresses for our collection.  You have the option in store of buying a dress that we already have in stock or ordering your dress.  We buy new dresses all year round so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, keep an eye on our social media as we always post all of our new arrivals there.

We also have a wonderful private collection arriving this summer which you won’t find in other shops.  We have worked with a designer to create the most perfect collection of dresses that look so special, fresh and dreamy.  


We know that having the private and intimate experience is so important to our brides, where you get our full attention and exclusive use of our boutique for you and your guests.  We are bringing out this new Waterfields collection of dresses to cater for the brides who perhaps have a few friends getting married at the same time and are worried you might pick the same dress.  As these gowns will not be advertised it means only our brides who come to Waterfields will have that chance to fall head over heels for them.  

If you would like more information about any of our dresses or designers, we would love to hear from you.